The association

A human association : the DNA of Ensemble contre la Tyrosinémie

Our associaiton is composed of volunteer members who are either Helene’s relatives or friends united in her fight:

  • Helene CHARBONNEAU, Chairwoman
  • Philippe CHARBONNEAU, Vice-Chairman
  • Stephanie CORNUAU, Secretary
  • Deborah CHARBONNEAU, Vice-Secretary
  • Alexandra CORNUAU, Treasurer
  • Baptiste BONNET, Vice-Treasurer
  • Ludovic LEFEBVRE, representative of the association for medical institutions and organizations and for patients and families from Hauts de France.
  • Florian BERTEAUD, member
  • Béatrice BONNET, member
  • Herve BONNET, member
  • Celine VACHE, member
  • Kennjy VACHE, member

We can rely on many members and volunteers

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Absents on these pictures: Florian BERTEAUD and Ludovic LEFEBVRE

Together we are stronger and we go further

If you want to join us, contact us or become a member...

You’re welcome