Our objectives


Objective n°1

To lend a moral support to the patients and to their families since the first contact. We are attentive to the patients and their families and we make them feel better whatever the way: by phone, e-mails or direct conversation.

nos objectifs

Objective n°2

To forge links between the families and the patients: the oldest patients can advise and support the youngest ones, and the families can exchange on the disease and on the daily constraints.


Objective n°3

To give cooking advice by creating and improving hypo proteinic recipes. The head-chef of L’Atable Restaurant: Christophe TEILLET, supports us and likes to cook hypo proteinic food and gives tips to make a success of the recipes.

nos objectifs

Objective n°4

To inform people on the Tyrosinemia and its constraints, to raise awareness among the general public.

Objective n°5

To cooperate with institutions that play a key role in the fight against Tyrosinemia, in order to improve medical care and recognition of the disease as a visible handicap. We also want to inform better the laboratories to improve and change the amino acids substitutes and make the research progress.